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Surprise visit from Virginia Beach Education Foundation awards grants to two schools

The Virginia Beach Education Foundation (VBEF) made surprise visits Nov. 14 to the Virginia Beach Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) and Parkway Elementary School to award checks of $18,802 and $20,000, respectively. These awards are two of 79 Adopt A+ Grants totaling $200,000 that the VBEF will award to teachers across Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS).

"Our division prepares students for college, the military, careers and citizenship," said Superintendent Dr. Aaron Spence. "The success of that mission would not be possible without steadfast community partnerships that enable remarkable opportunities, supports and enrichment for our teachers and young learners. We are so grateful for these relationships and the contributions to educational excellence that they provide."

With the grant award, JDC will purchase Heart Zone Systems, wearable fitness technology, to be used during physical education (PE) time to provide students real-time feedback as well as personalized fitness plans. The program will work in partnership with the American Heart Association.

Parkway Elementary School will use their grant to purchase a Lü Interactive Playground equipped with light and audio systems, giant wall projections and 3D cameras for interactive indoor physical activity during PE. The application-based system includes challenges that keep students active. The school will work in partnership with the Twin Canals Community Center in Virginia Beach.

Adopt A+ Grants were started in 2001 by VBEF to help fund innovative and creative learning programs for VBCPS students. Funds are raised through VBEF events, annual sponsorships, business and individual contributions, VBCPS employee payroll deductions and United Way designations. See videos of previous grants or learn more about the foundation by visiting VBEF's website.


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