Twelfth Grade

The 12th-grade year is a critical year as students continue to apply themselves to their academic endeavors in high school while at the same time making arrangements for their future. Students should plan to review their Academic and Career Plan (ACP) with their school counselor to ensure they are on course for completing the requirements for graduation and the course sequence most closely aligned to their area of interest beyond high school.


As students progress through high school, describing the typical course sequences becomes more difficult because of the vast number of opportunities available. Twelfth 12th-grade students can expect to enroll in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and elective courses. To learn more about the courses available to high school students read our secondary curriculum guides.

What students should know if they are�

Interested in attending college after high school

During the senior year of high school, students interested in attending college after graduating high school should:

  • Continue searching out scholarship opportunities - VBCPS offers a scholarship-find service through Scholarship Central � an online resource that locates various scholarships for high school students. Parents and students are encouraged to talk with your school counselor and/or the ACCESS adviser at each high school about scholarship opportunities and financial assistance for post-secondary education.
  • Sign-up and take a college placement test - Students interested in attending college after graduation should plan to take the SAT or ACT. Students who took a college placement test their junior year have the option of taking the SAT or ACT again during the senior year in an attempt to improve their score. Colleges use the results of these assessments to make decisions regarding admissions, scholarships and loans, course placement and academic advisement.
  • Complete college applications - The college application process often involves identifying teachers or advisors to write letters of recommendation and involves writing a personal essay.
  • Learn more about options for paying for college - Students and their parents/guardians should visit to learn more about paying for college and how to apply for aid. An important part of this process is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FASFA is released each year in January and is due no later than February 15.
Interested in entering the workforce immediately following graduation

During the senior year of high school, students who are interested in entering the workforce immediately following graduation should be enrolled in specialized and technical courses available at the Advanced Technology Center and the Technical and Career Education Center or at their home school. These courses provide students with the opportunity to gain important workplace skills and may result in earning industry certifications. Students should speak to their school counselor to learn more about courses that provide opportunities for internships and cooperative work experiences.

Interested in joining the military after graduation

During the senior year of high school, students interested in entering the military should be sure they have researched the specific requirements associated with the branch of the service they are interested in enlisting in after graduation. After deciding on a branch of the service, meeting with a recruiter is the best way to learn more about preparing to enter the military. Students who are 16 years of age or older are eligible to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), a required assessment for students interested in enlisting in a branch of the military. Students should speak to their school counselors to find out when recruiters will be visiting the school or to arrange to meet with a recruiter. Learn More

The Journey Continues

We hope that a successful future awaits you�whatever that may be! Your teachers enjoy hearing about your success so be sure to stay connected with them. Don�t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Congratulations, VBCPS grad! You�re part of a long-standing, proud tradition of success!