Rigorous Coursework

Content specific knowledge and skills, literacy and numeracy, and globally competitive skills.

Students who participate in rigorous coursework during middle school and high school are more prepared for the challenges that they face in college and the workplace. The chart below provides the percentage of students who were enrolled in rigorous coursework during the 2018-2019 school year.

Percentage of Students Enrolled in Rigorous Coursework

Graduation Cohort

On-time Graduation Rates.

Beginning with the students who entered the ninth grade in 2004-2005, Virginia began tracking individual students over the four years of a traditional high school career to determine the percentage who graduate on time along with the percentage who drop out of school. Below you will find the On-Time Graduation Rate and Cohort Dropout Rate for the Class of 2019.

On-Time Graduation Rate

Cohort Dropout Rate


The table below shows the dollar value of the scholarships offered and accepted by students in this school and the division. The amount of renewable scholarships is multiplied by four, and the dollar value of ROTC and military academy appointments is included. Pell grants, work study, and student loans are not included in the reported amounts.

Scholarships Offered

School Division
$10,978,261 $103,338,467

Scholarships Accepted

School Division
$5,826,355 $61,313,929